Care Instructions

So you've upgraded from your plain pet store pet accessories and you're now sporting head to paw PUPSTYLE? Welcome to your new life where people will stop you in the street to compliment your dog on their outfit. It happens...really! But as with any human clothes that draw compliments, your dog's accessories will require some care and attention to keep them looking compliment-worthy.


Now that you've finally found the perfect harness, here's how to keep yours looking and feeling fresh for a lifetime (true story... our customers are still wearing the same harness they bought from us 3.5yrs ago!).


There are no limits when it comes to the PUPSTYLE harness. It can be worn in the mud, on a hike, in the beach, while you sleep, in the car... the options are endless. It's designed to be safe, comfortable and suited to every adventure, so you no longer need you car harness seperate from your walking harness.

It might sound silly, but the first thing to do is check you're wearing it right, not upside-down/back-to-front! Here's an example of how NOT to wear it:



After you've taken your new harness out for a roll in poop/grass/the muddiest puddle you could possibly find, your humans would probably be a little mad at you if you were wearing a different brand. But the PUPSTYLE harness is officially human-mad-proof because it is super easy to wash and keep looking brand new!


Just wash your harness like you wash human clothes:
1. Spray a little stain remover on any grass stains
2. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle in a delicates bag (to avoid things like zips on other clothes from catching the fabric). You could also hand wash if you prefer and rub any stains with a cloth until they disappear. Do not soak.
3. Hang to dry and get ready for your next adventure!
* Always rinse your harness with clean water after exposure to salt water



Spot clean small marks or wash cold on gentle cycle in a delicates bag, away from zips or buttons that can catch and pull the fabric. Iron into shape if needed on very low heat.


Our City Collars and Leads are made using some of the most premium Vegan Leathers we could find, dyed sustainably and finished with sturdy rose gold hardware. So not only have you done something great for your pup, but you're doing something great for the Earth and all its animals.

But just like your special human clothes deserve a little extra love and care, so too does our most premium City Collection. So here's a little how-to from us to you, to make sure your City Collar and Lead can last a lifetime.

To keep the integrity of the Vegan Leather, keep sharp puppy teeth away from puncturing the leather. Don't allow your pup to drag their lead behind them on concrete, gravel or in the park.

Keep rose gold hardware away from moisturisers, perfumes or sunscreens. Avoid using multiple ID tags on your collar that can scratch each other. Keep your collar and leash away from the beach where sand and salt water can be too abrasive on the hardware.



The City Collection is named after the types of city activities that we designed this collection for: brunch dates, walks on the footpath, fancy doggy birthday parties and just generally looking (and feeling) amazing.

However, we know that city brunch dates can sometimes turn into impromptu muddy park runs, so in the event that your City Collar or Lead gets a little dirty, we'd recommend cleaning it as soon as possible:
1. Put some warm soapy water into a sink.
2. Using a sponge, gently scrub the fabric part of your collar or lead on both sides. You'll notice how quickly it starts looking fresh!
3. With a smooth cloth, wipe down the Vegan leather with the same soapy water, but do not submerge it in the water.
4. Once clean, pat dry the Vegan Leather sections and hang to air dry.


Our Suburban Collection was created for those of us who like to look fancy but who could, at any moment (and without warning to our humans), roll in poop, find the only muddy puddle in the park or dig up your parent's new garden bed. Oops.

Despite the trouble you're about to be in, rest assured they won't mind that you got your fancy accessories all dirty because we've made it our priority that they're simple to clean and keep looking fresh! So here's a few tips to share with your humans on how to look after your new Suburban Collar & Lead:

1. Cleaning your Suburban Collar & Lead is super simple. Either put them in a delicates bag and throw them in the washing machine for an easy refresh or fill your sink with warm soapy water and use a sponge to scrub away any remnants of your messy adventures.
2. Make sure to dry the rose gold hardware as soon as possible and leave your Suburban Collar and Lead to hang dry in a shady spot, away from direct sunlight.


If you haven't seen it yet, we'd recommend watching this video first. Your poop bags go in the bottom pocket as this has direct access to the Smart Slot in the front. Your valuables go in the top pocket and then your phone goes in the section at the back:


When your pouch is full with a phone and all your things, it usually makes it heavy, which is when we recommend to only use the metal clip to attach it to the ring on your leash, not the extra button loop. With the weight of your phone inside, your pouch won't swing too much as it's weighted down.

dog parent pouch

If you're using your pouch without your phone inside, it is a lot lighter which can cause your pouch to swing more whilst out walking. This is why we improved the design with the addition of the button loop which holds your pouch up against the leash. We recommend only using this loop when the pouch is light, otherwise any extra weight can put too much pressure on the buttons.

dog parent pouch lead attachment

The Dog Parent Pouch is our favourite carry-all, however we don't recommend letting your new pouch get anywhere near the beach. We've learnt from experience that once sand gets in the little grooves of your zipper, there's no going back (or forth!). Yep - sand and zips don't mix nicely, so if you want to be able to open and close your pouch for years to come, keep her away from the beach!


Just as it's name suggests, the Adventure range can go anywhere! The entire range is fully machine washable, beach-safe and great for fluffy dogs, big and little dogs or dogs in training! Wipe the straps clean with warm soapy water or machine wash in a delicates bag. Do not leave in direct sunlight when not in use. Rinse immediately with clean water after exposure to salty water. Do not allow the hardware to stay wet after use.


When your bed is ready for a wash, check out the video below to see how to easily unzip all the parts and wash them separately. You can choose to wash the entire bed with all its pieces at once, or you might choose just to wash the outer covers.

1. We recommend a cold, gentle machine wash with mild detergent. 
2. The luxe faux fur will dry nice and fluffy after a wash, but if you'd like to use a natural fabric softener, this will give it an extra zhoush! *Be sure to use a natural product so as not to irritate your doggo's skin with harsh chemicals*
3. Hang dry in the shade or tumble dry on very low heat



In a perfect world, pet bowls, no matter what they're made of, should be washed daily or after every meal. The PUPSTYLE Ceramic Pet Bowls are non-toxic, BPA free and dishwasher and microwave safe. Avoid using abrasive sponges.